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         The Bracken County Public Library(BCPL) completed the bid process on various surplus items, which include some shelving and other materials that are no longer needed in the library. There are still items remaining for the public to purchase at $10.00 each. This $10 price is on a per item basis except for the shelving. Price for shelving sections are $10 per section of shelving, and each section comes with a set number of shelves according to the size of the section of shelving.  These remaining items will be available for purchase at the library until March 1, 2020. After this date, any items that remain will be hauled away for disposal as scrap metal. The library hopes to see these items continue to be used, so please contact us at the library today.

          To see a list of items, look for the link on the BCPL Facebook page, BCPL Website, or come into the library. Pictures of the items can be seen from the link or at the library. All items are made available as is, and all sales are final. Buyer must pick up the items from the library. The library will not deliver any items purchased.


Thank You,


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